Anonymous Takes Down Nissan’s Website

Anonymous-SealAnonymous hacking collective has a large army of self-identified hackers spread all over the world. The group is currently working on multiple political campaigns and fighting ISIS on social media. In another not-so-famous protest attack, Anonymous is continuing its anti-whaling campaign against Japan.

While the other Anonymous operations like #OpParis have garnered a widespread coverage in media, the anti-whaling campaign has failed to receive much attention.

Well, it seems that Anonymous isn’t planning to slow down. The group has taken down the global website of the Japanese automobile maker Nissan.

In an official statement from Nissan, it was said — “Because of a potential distributed denial of service attack, we are temporarily suspending service on our websites to prevent further risks.”

This recent DDoS attack on Nissan’s website is being seen as a change in group’s strategy. Earlier the hacking collective targeted small websites and government officials — now it seems interested in big players.


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