ISIS Has Developed Its Own Secure Messaging App

The Islamic State is known to use messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp to communicate the messages to its followers. After being hounded out of other social networks, ISIS has created its own secure messaging app on Android, according to the Ghost Security Group (GhostSec).

The Alwari app, says GhostSec is being used by members of the terrorist group to communicate with each other. The security watchdog discovered, “encrypted communications features although rudimentary to Telegram or other[s],”

ISIS has been finding it difficult to use social networks such as Telegram and WhatsApp after groups such as Anonymous have been actively trying to disrupt what they get up to online.

isis appThe security on the app isn’t as tight or as sophisticated as those found on Telegram or WhatsApp according to Fortune, but it does mean ISIS can feel reassured knowing no one is going to start reporting users or build a backdoor for governments to snoop around.

After the recent terrorist attack on Paris by ISIS, much was talked about the mode of communication used by the terrorists. There were rumors that ISIS used Playstation 4 chat system to plan the attack, but it turned out to be a hoax.

Talking about the favorites of ISIS, the terrorist group usually prefers Telegram app for sending private messages to its members. ISIS also uses direct messages on Twitter and Facebook to spread its propaganda. Recently, the online anti-ISIS collective Ghost Security Group recorded some Telegram conversations that were directing ISIS members to a website to download a new messaging app.

This new app from Amaq Agency — a well known ISIS supporter — claims to find its way around the tactics used by FBI to monitor conventional messaging apps like WhatsApp. This new app acts as a method to spread its online terror propaganda with the help of the latest ISIS news and video clips of executions, speeches, and battlefield footage.

After the ISIS attack on Paris, the end-to-end encrypted communication methods have faced flak from the government agencies. So, even if the existing popular apps are forced to open back doors, ISIS will have other options to talk to its followers and influence new people.


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