Kingo Android Root is one-click Android root software for free. It supports almost any Android device and version.

How does “Kingo root” work?

There are two universal ways to root your Android, one is by implementing “exploits”, the other is through flashing custom recovery. The former one is relatively safe while the latter one can be risky. Kingo mainly focused on “exploits” method, but also covers “recovery” for certain tricky devices (hot ones with no exploit available).


Will Kingo work on your device?/ Is your device supported by Kingo?

As stated before, Kingo mainly focused on “exploit” method. One thing about “exploit” is that there is no way to say which specific model is supported by the exploits kingo employed. Many vulnerabilities only present on a single device model or a subset of device models. Some bugs are only exploitable on a subset.
And also, device models differ from each other:

  • Hardware (SoC, peripherals, CPU features, RAM size, etc)
  • Code changes (Made by various ecosystem players, Google, SoCs, OEMs, carriers, third parties.)
  • Compilation settings (ARM vs. Thumb)

It just depends when it comes to the question of “support of not”. It depends on your firmware version, latest firmware have less chance to be rooted. It depends on your hardware, and also your carrier. It depends on OEM patching. The best Kingo can provide is a summaried list based on our database (a lot of raw data). Instead of asking if it is supported or not, the better move may be just try and see.

What’s good in rooting with Kingo Android ROOT?

Faster performance

Preserve battery life

Access root-only apps

Remove carrier bloatware

Customizable appearance

Attain admin level permission

Official site:

Download link: HERE

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