Smart collar concept translates your dog’s bark and sends you a message revealing what their noises mean

3099E1B50001453890951656 While the frenzied wagging of a tail and flicked-back ears may show when your dog is excited or scared, it’s every owner’s dream to have a real conversation with their pet.

And now smart collar and app could be just the tool to make this dream a reality.

A conceptual design for such a system has been unveiled by online pet store, which recently launched the UK’s first ‘pet technology center.

It has been playfully named WhatsYapp because it is a messaging app bearing some resemblance to WhatsApp, but for dogs. said it is designed to be ‘the world’s most advanced communications system between dogs and owners.’

The finished product would analyze a dog’s barks and other sounds as well as movements via a smart collar.

698787657868768979It then translates them into words, such as ‘there’s someone at the door’ or ‘let’s go for a walk’.

However, it is not clear how this would be achieved.

The collar would connect to an app on a smartphone, possibly using a Bluetooth connection, to show the messages in an app resembling WhatsApp.

The company, based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, said:

‘Our vision is for this tool to connect dog and owner on a deeper level.’

It also unveiled two other concepts, including ‘CatQuest,’ which is an interactive 3D projection gamestation for cats which could be activated remotely via an app.

The system would turn a home into a play centre for cats, the firm said, thanks to a device designed to be attached to a light fitting.

The gadget would include a laser projector to beam patterns onto a floor for cats to chase and interact with, as well as include a video camera to recognize pets.

Designs reveal that users could choose from 23 different ‘interactions’ and a learning mode to keep their feline friends occupied.

‘Stimulating play during non-contact hours can increase your cat’s contentment levels,’ said Rachel Commerford, Commercial Manager at

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