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Spellweaver is a fast-paced and strategically deep digital card game, featuring several mechanics unique to the genre. Created by an indie team of seasoned game developers, and designed by a Magic: the Gathering National Champion, it is easy to learn, yet challenging for veteran card game players.

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Specific Features

  • Customizable hero skills gained over the course of the battle
  • Interactive combat system in which you can counterattack to defend or protect key units.
  • Unique creature attribute: Speed. Slower units are unable to block faster units, requiring a balanced deck to have ways to handle high speed opponents.

Card - Arcadia, City of Wonders

Main Features

  • Multiplayer duels, tournaments and leaderboards
  • Deep mechanics and fast-paced battles at the same time
  • Beautiful, high-quality artwork
  • Rich fantasy lore and cards of six magical aspects, each with its own play style
  • Regular updates with card expansions and new features
  • Well-balanced Free-to-Play economy, letting all players compete on an equal basis


Hero Development

In the course of a Spellweaver duel, your hero gains levels, increases his or her available mana, and even gains new hero skills by using special cards called shrines.

Customizable Skills

In Spellweaver, we’ve made sure that the spell-casting hero leading your armies into battle is a central part of your strategy.

The hero starts the duel with one inherent skill, but is able to gain additional skills in the course of the game. These skills are provided by shrine cards you put in your deck, so they are fully customizable. Each skill can be used multiple times and can really turn the odds in your favor!

Card - Word of Fire

Hero and Card Levels

In the course of the duel, your hero gains levels in the six aspects of magic (read about them below). Each card has a level requirement that must be met before you can play it. With each level gained, your hero will gain access to more and more powerful cards and hero skills.

Card - Summoner Druid

A 5-man team worked for endless hours more than 4 years to bring Spellweaver. The team’s bold ambition has always been to have Spellweaver be an ever growing and long-lived card game. Our main focus remains on developing the features most desired by our players, working on new card expansions, and bringing you exciting events you can enjoy, while, of course, keeping the high quality level the game deserves.


Official site: spellweaver-tcg.com

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