Pillars of Eternity: The White March


Developer: obsidian.net    Official site: eternity.obsidian.net        Release date: February 16 2016      Genre: Role-Playing


Pillars of Eternity: The White March is a role-playing video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment. It is an expansion pack for Pillars of Eternity and has two parts; the first one was released on August 25, 2015 while the second was released on February 16, 2016. The expansion was inspired by older isometric video games such as Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale.


The gameplay of The White March remains mostly unchanged from Pillars of Eternity, other than a few improvements. As with the base game, the player controls a party of six characters through adventures. Several new features are added with the expansion’s accompanying patches, which include an artificial intelligence system for party members, which lets the player choose if they are “aggressive” or “defensive” during battles, and also has an option for them to use abilities which can only be used a set amount of times per resting automatically, and a ‘Story Time’ difficulty mode which allows the player to advance through the game faster.


The game is set in the new area of White March. In addition, the expansion also adds Crägholdt, a dungeon which is accessed separately from White March. The level cap has been raised from 12 to 14 in Part I, and is further increased in Part II to level 16.


The White March adds several new party members. These include: the Devil of Caroc, a construct rogue, who was a murderer in her days as a human; Zahua, a monk with a love for drugs and philosophy; and Meneha, a kindhearted barbarian.


The story continues after the Watcher acquires Caed Nua, the steward notifies him or her that the village of Stalwart is in need of aid to awaken the white forges in an ancient dwarven fortress, Durgan’s Battery. When the protagonist arrives, the village is being attacked by a horde of ogres. The player must fight through them in order to meet with the town’s mayor, Renengild. The mayor explains to the protagonist that they need the White Forge to help the village recover from the harsh times they have been going through recently. She tells the Watcher that she has already sent several expeditions to the Battery, but none have managed to breach it.


The mayor tells the protagonist to talk to Galvino, an animancer and inventor who lives near the Battery. He tells the Watcher that to enter the Battery, one needs the poem that was used by the dwarves when it was active. Since these dwarves are dead, Galvino suggests to the protagonist to use their soul reading abilities on Stalwart’s townspeople to try and locate the poem. The protagonist finds the poem when reading the souls of one of the village’s dwarves.


When the Watcher enters Durgan’s Battery and finds the White Forge, they find out that the dwarves working there used it to bind themselves to the fortress. The player has a choice between releasing them to the Wheel to find new life, binding them to the cannons to defend the forge, or to bind them to the White Forge so they can stay and tend to their legacy.



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