risen_poster Risen

 Release Date: 19 February 2016

 Director: Kevin Reynolds

Writers: Kevin Reynolds, Paul Aiello

Cast: Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton, Peter Firth, Cliff Curtis,

María Botto , Luis Callejo, Antonio Gil

Genres: Action | Adventure | Drama | Mystery

Country: USA

Language: English

Storyline: Follows the epic Biblical story of the Resurrection, as told through the eyes of a non-believer. Clavius, a powerful Roman Military Tribune, and his aide Lucius, are tasked with solving the mystery of what happened to Yahshua in the weeks following the crucifixion, in order to disprove the rumors of a risen Messiah and prevent an uprising in Jerusalem.

It puts a very different twist on a story that is rarely told. The film is mostly focused on the events after the crucifixion and shown from predominantly the side of the Romans. It is a faith-based film, but could be enjoyed by non-believer as well, assuming they can remove the stick from their butt for the 1 hr 47 minute run-time. Any faith-based film will automatically get negative reviews and ratings from many non- believers who will down vote it and even write a poor review based on their intolerance to religion, but if you enjoy good cinema, this is a must see. Don’t let the IMDb ratings sway your choice to see it. It is by far the best bible based film I have seen.

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