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Official site: lostarkworld.com         Genre: MMORPG       Developer: tripodstudios.com

Lost Ark is a 3D massively-multiplayer online role-playing game offers an immersive action-centric playing style and adopts a non-targeting combat system and a dynamic quarter-view angle to maximize the game experience.


Powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3, Lost Ark Online’s cinemas and gameplay footage alike are jaw-dropping. Waterfalls tumble down cities hewn into cliff walls; heroes summon legions of creatures to take down the huge hordes perusing them; sky whales drift through the air; and characters ride everything from dragons to mech suits.


Players can travel freely around the world of Lost Ark Online using their own ship as seen below and in the trailer. Players can set sail on random adventures and discover new areas or get lost on their ark. When you’re out on the sea, you will also be able to visibly see other players ships exploring or looking for areas. Giving the game a more open MMORPG feel. You can even go treasure hunting in search of random treasure by using the ships crane. Sail far enough and you can discover various unique areas! Sailing the seas isn’t always going to be safe like the random ghost ship appeared in the trailer video. Once you board the ghost ship, you can hunt the special boss for rare loot!


The game will be released worldwide and even localize some parts of the game to make it more suited to the Western taste. Hopefully they won’t mess too much with the game, as the debut trailer was already quite impressive, and with 18 classes to choose from, we’re even willing to forgive a bit of gender-locking.


Lost Ark Classes
– 18 classes
– A variety of classes depending on your preferred play-style (strategic, control, etc)
Currently revealed classes

Berserker –  the ultimate frontline AoE class delivering huge cleave attacks and given the ability to transform into a fiery rage state for one minute. Even though his armor looks heavy, this class can move and attack extremely fast. Berserkers can easily mow down large groups of enemies without a care.


Class – Melee DPS.
Weapon: Massive two-handed sword
Combat style: AOE heavy attacks. Based on a rage system—activating frenzied mode once capped

Battle Master – a female monk who specializes in close range combat she can deliver devastating attacks and combos.  However, don’t let the hand to hand combat fool you. Battle Masters are very agile and their attacks can be used to chain combos, get out of sticky situations, or initiate combos. Lastly, she can execute special moves by consuming her elemental gauge.

battlemasterClass – Melee DPS.
Weapon: Fist weapons
Combat style: Uses speed and powerful combinations to kill enemies. Her attacks have elemental effects associated with them, dealing the most damage when her elemental gauge is full.

Infighter – melee combat class that specializes in dual red and green energy system. Unlike the other jobs, the Infighter doesn’t have any mana bar at all and has to focus on skill management in another way. Her skills either consume the red energy or the green energy. The trailer didn’t reveal much, but I am guessing that some skills will let her siphon red or green energy from enemies.


Class – Melee DPS.
Weapon: Fist weapons
Combat style: High-damage melee attacks with slightly longer cast times (compared to Battle Master). Uses a dual-resource system (similar to the Demon Hunter in Diablo 3) rather than mana.

Devil Hunter –  perfect class for advanced action MMORPG players because it will require players to real-time switch between dual pistols, shotgun, and rifle during mid combat. Each gun will have a different set of skills! Players can easily switch between the guns by pressing the (1) Dual Pistols, (2) Shotgun, and (3) Rifle keys on the keyboard. Mix and match combos from the various skill sets and use them to your advantage!


Class – Ranged DPS.
Weapon: Guns (dual pistols, shotgun, and rifle)
Combat style: Quickly swaps between three different weapon stances, each with their own unique skills. Pistols for

Warlord – a  “Tank” class to use by wield a shield and portable lance cannon (It’s really a rifle.) Gun Sword? Nope, not this class! Nothing that special about this class other than the Bullet System that is consumed when using explosive skills. For some reason this class reminds me of Lancers from Tera.


Class – Melee/Short-ranged Tank/DPS.
Weapon: Shield & lance/rifle
Combat style: High-armor, control-based combat. Utilizes crowd control skills and short-ranged attacks to defeat enemies. quick attacks, shotgun for short-ranged burst skills, and rifle for long-ranged, powerful attacks.

Summoner – a fairly straightforward class, she can summon various monsters that will assist her in combat. The summoned monsters vary from channeled summons, summons that appear for one skill, summoned monsters that will protect you in combat, and more. A summoning orb is consumed every time a special summon is used while the others doesn’t require any.


Class – Ranged DPS.
Weapon: Staff
Combat style: Summons creatures and ancient spirits to fight alongside her

Arcana –  ranged DPS classes with gambling abilities and arcane magic. She plays a bit similar to Twisted Fate of League of Legends because she can spin the roulette for a random card. When the card is used, it will randomly give various skill boosts and effects to her default skills, completely change skill, etc.


Class – Ranged DPS.
Weapon: Arcane cards (similar to Twisted Fate in League of Legends).
Combat style: Fast-paced, roulette style skills. Depending on which card is selected from your deck, your attacks have different effects.



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