Xara Web Designer


Official site: www.xara.com      Download link: HERE

With Xara Web Designer, create your own website the easy way. There’s no programming experience required and you’ll have 100% design freedom. If you want more choice in web design but don’t want to deal with HTML code, Xara Web Designer gives you freedom to place text and graphics wherever you want them by dragging the elements around the page. With a powerful photo editing tool and customizable graphics, you’ve got the opportunity to be really creative.

Xara Web Designer is easy to use when you’re creating pages. Drag-and-drop text, PDFs, pictures, graphics and tools into the page and move everything around to your liking with the mouse. There are some minor issues to do with difficulty finding certain features and the interface is not as intuitive as some other software.

The templates included are professionally designed and you can use one if you need to get up and running quickly. You can browse through the templates easily; you can also filter the results based on a particular color scheme. When you select a template you will see a preview of the different page templates (i.e. about us, contact pages).

Overall Xara Web Designer  is great for graphic designers, businesses with design-focused websites and individuals who want to show off photos and videos to their best advantage. Xara Web Designer also works for regular text-based webpages but it’s the graphics element of the software that makes it stand out. This comparatively more expensive software is best for intermediate users.

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